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Improving the environment, mitigating natural hazards and economically constructing engineered facilities.

JAFEC USA, INC. is the U.S. subsidiary of Japan Foundation Engineering Company, ltd. (JAFEC). The JAFEC Group's capabilities include all aspects of Ground Improvement including: excavation support, ground anchors, deep foundations, marine construction of quays and seawalls, cut-off walls & seepage barriers, sediment stabilization and liquefaction mitigation.

Among the technical methods used by JAFEC USA in such works are Deep Soil Mixing (DMM), Dry Jet Mixing (DJM), Vibro-Stone Columns (SCP), Static Stone Columns (KS-EGG), Large Diameter Casing Rotation (BG & SuperTop), Injection Grouting, Chemical Grouting, Jet Grouting, and Direct Power Compaction (DPC). With more than 50 years of hands-on experience with technology development, "boots on the ground" construction and professional practice, the JAFEC group and its U.S. subsidiary, JAFEC USA, Inc. are uniquely qualified to deliver effective and economical Ground Improvement and geotechnical construction services throughout the world.

About Us

JAFEC USA, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Japan Foundation Engineering Company, Ltd. (JAFEC) and was incorporated in October of 2009 as the exclusive representative of the JAFEC Group outside of Japan and the Middle East. The JAFEC Group is one of the leading Ground Improvement specialty contractors in Japan with extensive experience in mitigating complex ground conditions, soil structure systems and foundation problems under diverse field, environmental and loading conditions.


Ground supports the large-scale structures on it. We believe we can deliver design and construction services that are reliable and cost effective by constantly striving to develop and improve the technologies utilized in modern Ground Improvement methods. The JAFEC Group is among the world leaders in Ground Improvement for on-land, waterfront, and off-shore applications. Our capabilities include stabilization and solidification of soft and loose grounds, shallow and deep densification of loose reclaimed lands...

JAFEC Technology


Deep Soil Mixing

Deep Soil Mixing by the JAFEC Deep Mixing Method (DMM) is an advanced Ground Improvement method in which cement (or other agents) is mixed with...

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Injection Grouting

A borehole of about 5 cm in diameter and depth of tens to hundreds of metres is drilled in foundation bedrock using boring methods. Using this bore...

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Stone Columns

JAFEC USA produces Stone Columns utilizing two methods developed in Japan and refined by JAFEC engineers. The standard method is the Sand...

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