New Orleans to Venice, Louisiana Hurricane Protect Project- Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Project Highlights

  • 57,000¬†CY of the ground was improved by Deep Mixing Method (DMM).
  • DMM was performed from a working platform near the existing top of the levee.
  • DMM panels extended about 1.4 miles along the levee at the west bank of the Mississippi River.
  • 750 DMM panels were installed in the transverse direction to the levee to
    • Provide increased shear resistance to the levee against lateral loads.
    • Support vertical load created by the increased height of the levee.
    • Control long-term settlement of the remediated levee.

Ground Conditions

  • Three main soil strata were identified; lean clay, fat clay and clayey/silty sand (SC/CM).
  • Traces of organic fat clay layers were encountered intermittently but were not abundant enough to be a concern.
  • The fat clay is plastic clay with water content between 50% to 75%. Water content for lean clay and SC-SM was between 25% and 35%.
  • The unconfined compressive strength of the clay soils varied between 600 psf to 2,500 psf.